Aesthetic medicine. How to rejuvenate your face in an hour

Aesthetic medicine is a branch of medicine that deals primarily with reversing the aging process of the skin and preventing it. It also corrects and removes all imperfections that may hinder everyday life, or are simply unsightly for us, for example: scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, cellulite and many others. So, in summary, its main goal is to provide a higher quality of life for healthy patients, increase self-acceptance and eliminate complexes, thanks to which the patient will be more willing to participate in social life and feel more confident in his own skin. Over the years, aesthetic medicine gained enormous popularity and became more and more accessible to everyone interested. For years, more and more people, both women and men, have been choosing it. Everyone wants to fit the current canon of beauty, feel great and take an active part in social life, without any restrictions that come from not accepting their appearance. For aesthetic medicine treatments, the VAT tax is 23%. However, there are some exceptions when the treatment is tax free. In what situation? When it is a “medical care provision”, ie when an aesthetic medicine doctor performs the procedure due to medical indications.  

Aesthetic medicine – who does it?

Aesthetic medicine for women

When deciding on a specific procedure, first of all, you need to be sure that the procedure will be performed by a suitably qualified person. So who? Only an aesthetic medicine doctor is authorized to perform aesthetic medicine treatments. A properly specialized person makes us sure that we are in good hands, which will provide us with the greatest safety, such a person knows perfectly well how to perform the procedure, can react appropriately in the event of complications during the procedure, can quickly recognize unwanted reactions of the body, and choose the appropriate preparations and tools based on diagnosed diseases, in addition, has expertise and will answer questions about medicine. aesthetic medicine and surgery differ in that the first ones consist mostly of minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures, but at the same time they are more advanced and interfering with the deeper layers of the skin than cosmetic and cosmetological procedures. However, you do not need to stay in the hospital after this procedure. When choosing a treatment, it is worth paying attention to what it should bring and choosing the one we care about the most, take into account all the complexes we struggle with and what body we dream about, what we would like to improve

Aesthetic medicine before and after. What can be achieved by deciding on the procedure?

Currently, aesthetic medicine offers a very wide list of treatments, each person will find something just right for themselves. It takes into account almost every aesthetic problem and proposes a quick and easy solution to it. Aesthetic medicine under the age of 30 will not yet reverse the effects of aging, or prevent premature aging, for people under 30, it offers all treatments aimed at modeling the body. You can focus on lip modeling, ultrasound treatments reducing cellulite and stretch marks, liposuction, reducing dark circles under the eyes, scar removal, closing or narrowing enlarged pores, vacuum massages, or treatments from the group of gynecology and aesthetic dentistry. However, aesthetic medicine after 40, proposes to add skin lifting, filling with hyaluronic acid, plasma treatments, and treatments to improve the appearance of the breasts – lifting or enlarging, especially for women who have been pregnant and breastfeeding. When choosing aesthetic medicine over 50, we should choose, first of all, rejuvenating and lifting treatments, for example thread lifting, or mesotherapy. Properly adjusted to our body and our needs, the treatment can help to love our body, accept it, which will result in greater self-confidence, freeing ourselves from the biggest complexes that may limit us in the years, we will also be more willing to participate in social life and stop be ashamed of yourself. Lips modeling or lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid gives great results if we have a smaller or distorted mouth. After such a treatment, we feel more confident and without complexes.

Aesthetic medicine in a dentist’s office

Aesthetic medicine in Warsaw is not limited only to corrections outside the body ( botox ), more and more dental offices also offer aesthetic medicine treatments. If you’ve always wanted to have a captivating snow-white smile, aesthetic medicine will make it possible for you! Not everyone knows that the position of the teeth affects the shape of the face. Proper bite setting may result in lip enlargement or cheek filling. Properly specialized orthodontists and dentists in the field of aesthetic medicine can influence the shape of the face. They know perfectly well how to make the face slimmer and how to improve the face oval.