Ceramic tiles for a small bathroom – what to choose to optically enlarge it?

              Choosing the right ceramic tiles for a small bathroom is a real challenge. Small or will large tiles look better? Which tiles are best for a small bathroom? Will patterned tiles work in a small bathroom? How to make a small bathroom a very effective room at the same time? 

Type and size of ceramic tiles

               The huge selection of various tiles on the market that when renovating a bathroom, you can get lost in all these patterns and colors of different ceramic tiles. However, such a large selection of materials means that you can create a beautiful and original bathroom. When choosing ceramic tiles for the bathroom, apart from the price, it is worth considering other parameters:

  • the size of the tiles – it is not only decorative, but also practical (smaller tiles mean more joints for cleaning);
  • material – ceramic tiles, depending on the material and method of firing, can be divided into: stoneware, glaze, terracotta and cotto;
  • colors and patterns – the pattern on the tiles is very important for the optical enlargement of the room, both the color and pattern give the interior a specific character and style; with patterned tiles, be careful not to overwhelm the room;
  • shape – square, rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal – are the most popular shapes of tiles;

Dark or light ceramic tiles?

               The color of the ceramic tiles in the bathroom is very important. Better to choose dark or light tiles? Which ceramic tiles for the floor and which for the wall for the bathroom? Popular decors or tiles arranged in a larger pattern will be better?

               Bright wall tiles not only add spaciousness and reflect light (further enlarging the room), therefore they are perfect for small bathrooms. Bright tiles always perfectly match the classic white fittings. On the other hand, dark ceramic tiles are perfect for New York or Scandinavian-style bathrooms. 

               One or two walls will be a great contrast to large, bright bathrooms. Dark walls allow you to display original accessories or unique design of bathroom fittings. However, when deciding on dark tiles in the bathroom, you should remember about its proper lighting. 

               The dark floor is very effective and fits perfectly in a modern bathroom. Dark tiles for the floor are suitable for both small and large bathrooms. The dark floor is the perfect background to display a modern bathtub or cabin. With dark walls and floors, you can create a glamorous atmosphere by adding gold and silver elements. Contrary to appearances, dark ceramic tiles on the floor require more frequent cleaning than light ones. 

A bold pattern in the bathroom, i.e. designer ceramic tiles

                The patterned element of the floor and the original pattern on the wall make even a small interior take on character. Geometric pattern gives depth, floral decorations on the tiles create a romantic atmosphere. 

                When choosing decorative wall and floor finishes, be moderate and have consequences, e.g. do not combine a floral and geometric pattern in one room. 

                 An original effect can be achieved by using structural tiles in the bathroom. Several tiles with an interesting structure will catch the eye, and in combination with point lighting they will give a very interesting effect.

The perfect ceramic tiles for the floor, i.e. what?

               When choosing tiles for the bathroom, it is worth considering whether the tiles on the wall will harmonize with the tiles on the floor. The contrasting color combination of walls and floors can completely change the interior.

                Classic light floors give the impression of cleanliness, and are also a great complement to ceramic tiles on the wall. In order for the white bathroom not to feel too cold, it can be “warmed” with wooden accessories or plants.

                The dark floor fits perfectly with the modern style in the bathroom. 

Ceramic tiles for a small bathroom – which are the best?

                  A small bathroom is a bane not only for people who live in a block of flats, but also for those who live in old houses. What ceramic tiles to put in a small bathroom to visually enlarge it? In order to visually enlarge a small room and create a sense of comfort in it, it is worth remembering a few rules:

  • cool and bright colors will be best for a small bathroom
  • for a small toilet, it is worth choosing tiles without patterns, tiles with patterns can overwhelm a small room;
  • tiles for a small bathroom should have a surface where streaks are not visible; they like to collect dirt on uneven textures or in nooks and crannies;
  • large, uniform, glossy wall tiles are the best choice for a small bathroom; it is enough to put one color on the wall and another color on the floor – you can optically enlarge the room;


                     Choosing the right tiles, especially for a small bathroom, is not easy. However, even a small bathroom can be changed with the help of size, texture and color. A clear color combination of ceramic tiles will add depth to the bathroom. However, remember not to combine more than two tile formats, so as not to achieve a kitsch effect.