Corporate events – what should we know about them to be successful?

In every smaller and larger company, company events are organized from time to time. It is a kind of break from constant hard work and a moment to breathe. In addition, it is a great opportunity to integrate better with other employees. I guess everyone likes corporate events. However, how to organize them so that they are sure to hit the spot? We’ll see about that in a moment.

What time to organize corporate events?

Many company managers wonder what time they should organize corporate events for their employees. Is there a rule for this? Not exactly . However, most often it is once or twice a year. We should not organize corporate events too often, because then employees do not appreciate this gesture. In many large companies, a corporate event is organized in spring or spring and winter.

Therefore, as managers, we can make our own decisions. We must also consider the budget at our disposal here. Depending on the number of employees, it is not a small cost. We have to take into account a large cost. However, in no case am I advocating you to give up organizing this type of corporate event.

Where to organize corporate events?

Another dilemma for managers is the question of where to organize corporate events. In fact, everything depends on whether it is to be a one-day corporate event or, for example, a weekend party trip. If it is to be a one-day corporate event, we have to choose a place near the company. Maximum 50 to 60 kilometers. Nobody will go to the event with the company to the other end of Poland. When we have a slightly larger budget and want to take our employees on a weekend trip, we can go crazy and go to the mountains or the sea. Some corporations even take their employees on integration trips abroad.

We have already told each other about the distance. However, let’s focus on the spot. So where would it be good to organize a corporate event? We can traditionally organize a corporate event in a restaurant. The party can start with a gala dinner and a speech from the president, and then there can be a party with a DJ, for example.

However, we must admit that it is already a bit hackneyed. Nowadays, corporate events are very fashionable, for example in bowling alleys, an aquapark, an amusement park or mountain events with a fire. We can surprise our employees with something different every year. Certainly, it would be nice for them to go to the mountains, where they will be able to feast by the fire and eat a home-made breakfast the next day with a view of the Giewont Mountain. That sounds fantastic. It can be even more beautiful in winter. Let’s add a sleigh ride, which is a lot of fun.

However, when we decide on a traditional approach, i.e. organizing a party in a restaurant, we will be tempted with themed parties. Two weeks before the event, let’s give the theme and ask the employees to dress up in the appropriate outfits. The twenties, a cowboy town or movie legends are just some of the ideas. We can also organize a competition on the theme of . The proposal with the most votes wins. This additionally involves all employees.

The most important thing is the atmosphere and delicious food

No matter what place and theme we choose, we should know that the atmosphere is definitely the most important. Of course, people are responsible for the atmosphere. So when we hire cool people, we can be calm.

Besides the atmosphere, delicious food is very important. There is nothing worse than food that cannot be eaten. Everyone wants to taste new flavors and drink good drinks. As a good manager, we should check everything beforehand. We shouldn’t choose any restaurant blindly. The moments spent in this way are truly remembered by employees for a long time. Consequently, we should do everything possible to make it positive and pleasant memories.

Additional attractions

As soon as the company’s budget allows us to do so, we can also try additional attractions. A photo booth will turn out to be great. We always like group photos and photos with people closest to us. What’s more, the photos print immediately and we can take them home.

We can also try to organize games and activities. Certainly, numerous competitions will amuse the employees and make the atmosphere relax. What like what, but sometimes it is needed. Certainly, we should not take our employees to the same place every year. In such a situation, we can, unfortunately, discourage employees, and we will not surprise them with anything. We do not want to achieve such an effect.  

When an employer provides his employees with such attractions, he can count on respect and dedication to work. There is nothing more valuable than local workers. Especially in these times when, unfortunately, it is very difficult to find good and loyal employees. Employers should respect their employees, but likewise should do the opposite.