Employment of Ukrainians in Poland – how to do it right?

Employing Ukrainians in Poland has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are certainly the cost of employing such an employee. The disadvantage is definitely the place of residence. To hire an employee from Ukraine, we can do it in two ways. The first is the use of an employment agency for this purpose, which will bear all the costs related to employing an employee, legalizing the stay and providing accommodation. The second is to hire such an employee yourself.

The choice of the employment method is related to the number of employees we need and the nature of the work we offer to an employee from beyond the eastern border. If we want to hire two employees, we can try to find them ourselves, legalize their stay, and maybe even find them accommodation ourselves. If it is more than manual work, then such independent employment may make more sense not to be employed by an employment agency.

Search for an employee from Ukraine

When we need an employee, we usually use the classifieds website. Once, newspapers, today more or less professional portals with job advertisements, where employers and employees meet. In the case of an employee from Ukraine, it is difficult because he does not use the portals available in Poland. Of course, a citizen from Ukraine who is present in Poland for a longer period may look for a job on Polish portals, but his requirements grow over time, and we are not looking for such an employee. We are looking for someone who has not yet managed to find prosperity in Poland. Someone who does not require an 8-hour shift and gross PLN 22 per hour. It is easier if our company is located in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. If we are looking for one or two employees from Ukraine, we should go to the Western Railway Station. At the bus station at the Western Railway Station in Warsaw, a bus from Ukraine arrives every day, leaving singles or couples who, like Poles in Germany, get on the bus with a suitcase, without any major plans for the future. Such employees are the best. If they crossed the border today, we can hire them for at least 3 months. This is a better employee than the one who crossed the border a week or two ago and just got to us. Completing the formalities (after all, we cannot hire such an employee illegally and without examinations) may take a week or two. 


If we found our employee from Ukraine at the Western Railway Station in Warsaw, he certainly has nowhere to sleep. Depending on where you are going to employ him, you should find him accommodation. There are many hostels in and around Warsaw where we can place it (offers on Olx.pl, slogan: employee quarters). Cost: PLN 700 per month (deducted from salary).

Legalization of stay

You should start with a declaration of entrusting work to foreigners. We will do it at the Employment Office competent for the place of employment (place of business by the entrepreneur). Then we can start the procedure of obtaining a type A work permit for a Ukrainian, but we should not do it until we have checked whether our cooperation will actually be beneficial. If an employee leaves work quickly, such an extension of stay permit will be unnecessary. Theoretically, an employee should start work after obtaining a declaration and, consequently, signing an employment contract (or rather a mandate contract). Later, we have to report the employee to ZUS. In order to facilitate future settlements, you should immediately get the NIP number for the employee and register the employee for a temporary stay. 

Work for a citizen of Ukraine

Work for a citizen of Ukraine , despite the best efforts, should not be a complex job. An employee who comes from Ukraine is focused on manual work and is usually not an educated or creative employee. On the contrary. In most cases, they are people from an environment who have high expectations but low qualifications. At the very beginning, we should not entrust them with responsibility work. Moreover, the fact that a Ukrainian does not speak the language may lead to costs incurred by the employer. Until we are sure that the employee understands what we are saying to him, and not only nodding thoughtlessly, we cannot entrust him with a work that requires reading. 

When the employee really tries, we can start entrusting him with a more demanding job, because it is not strange for a Ukrainian to quit his job overnight. The foreigner does not feel attached to Poland and is unaware of the consequences of quitting his job. There are no consequences for him. He can return to Ukraine without any fear that after returning to Poland, he will have a problem with taking up employment. Large companies employing large numbers of employees from Poland and Ukraine plan, over time, to partially leave the positions of less physical Poles and entrust them to foreigners, of course under supervision. 

When we employ a large number of employees, it is worth asking for help from a professional company that deals with it every day. Certainly, such a company will not be able to find qualified employees, but over time, bad employees will crumble out of those provided by this company. From those who will stay, we will be able to choose employees who we will take over if they prove to be very good.