Exclusive and premium fashion – what is it?

Premium and exclusive products often attract customers with their names. However, is it really worth buying them? As you know, such fashion accessories are most often much more expensive than cheap substitutes. What is worth checking before buying in order not to be disappointed? What criteria should you pay particular attention to if you don’t want to regret your purchase? About all this in today’s article.

Premium means quality

When deciding to buy products and accessories from the “exclusive and premium fashion” category, it is especially worth checking whether the quality goes hand in hand with the high price, recognizable brand name and beautiful logo. What material is the garment made of? Is the lining of the jacket or skirt also of high quality? Is the material from which a given thing was made really worth the price? Of course – in the case of premium and exclusive products, a large part of the price is the payment for the brand, but if the item is made of polyester, maybe it is not always worth overpaying for the logo? Poor quality of the material may also indicate that the product is counterfeit, but this is not necessarily the case. If the purchase is to be made for years, it is worth checking the opinions of users carefully before spending the money and find out something about how the material behaves after years – e.g. whether the sweater does not puff, Does the blouse handle ironing well and does it feel tight, are the small elements near the high heels or ballerinas straight from the designer firmly attached and are the shoes comfortable? Where to find such information? Online forums and groups on social networks can be helpful, but also videos with users’ opinions about products.

Original or counterfeit?

Before buying a handbag or shoes from a famous designer, it is always better to carefully check the details and all details of the product. Buying from the website of an original store is your best bet. However, if we buy an item from a different source – e.g. through other websites or when we buy used clothes and fashion accessories, then special attention and attention to detail is required. Don’t hesitate to send us a request for additional product photos and a card confirming that the seller purchased the original item. Thoroughly checking the goods is crucial. Exclusive and premium fashion, unfortunately, is often an area of ​​many scams, so it is worth consulting the originality of products. A warning signal may be, inter alia, the price – if it is quite low – there is a probability that the goods are counterfeit.

Universal models will always be on top

Do you want your purchase to be a bull’s eye, even in ten years? It is possible. Choose classic models and universal styles. Thanks to this, regardless of how the fashion and trends continue to shape, your purchase will probably still fit into the canons of fashion. When choosing clothes, especially dresses, blouses, sweaters, jackets, T-shirts and T-shirts also pay attention to the color. It is known that not every color suits everyone’s face, so before shopping, be sure to check which colors suit you best and choose them. Many people will say that classic black will always defend itself. This is true, but it is worth remembering that few people suit black. The color type of winter looks great in it, but if you have a more summer or spring type of beauty, black will not be perfect for you. is diverse, so certainly with time every person who is interested in this topic will find a suitable shape and color for themselves.

Why is it exclusive and premium fashion?

Before buying a given item, it is worth considering why it was actually called exclusive or premium. This applies especially to chain stores and stores where clothing is usually of lower quality. What does this qualification result from? What is a given blouse better than a similar blouse without the inscription “premium”? There may be many answers. Such a blouse can, for example, come from a special collection – e.g. ecological or created in cooperation with some famous designer of high fashion market clothing. The country of origin of the production line may also be the reason why the “premium” sticker is attached. It is worth checking whether the product was actually made entirely in a country that respects human rights, or whether we pay a higher price only for the fact that the project itself was created in such a country. The appearance of a given garment in an exclusive product line should be properly justified. If only the price alone is the difference between premium and common goods, then it can be concluded that the name “premium” was intended only to attract customers, and the clothes themselves are not as exclusive as they might seem.