Features of a good accounting office

The services of an accounting office are something that most companies operating on the premises use, and although it is not imposed by the government, our tax law is so complicated that it is worth using just such an office for accounting. This does not have to be used only for accounting purposes. What else will I use them for and what to pay attention to when choosing an office?

When can you use an accounting office?

Although accounting offices are known primarily for settling accounts with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), and this is indeed the case for private individuals, the range of their applications is growing along with how demanding the company . The accounting office can therefore be used not only for everyday operations, but also for seasonal cleaning of documents (although this is already carried out in the case of everyday cooperation) or the expansion of our company to other countries. In the latter case, a good accounting office may turn out to be invaluable.

We can also focus the services of the office on tax optimization, i.e. looking for savings through proper management of settlements. It would also be nice if the accounting office was also able to advise us on more technical management of our company, in which it certainly has more experience (not necessarily related to our industry, but with the processes that take place during the development of any company).

Features of an ideal accounting office

We live in a time when the market is very competitive – when looking for an accounting office for ourselves, we will notice that many service providers will gladly take us under their wing. Especially if we plan to cooperate longer, which means a regular inflow of cash for him. It is precisely because of this competition that we must be careful when choosing not to enter into something that is too expensive or simply not valuable. Let us not make decisions rashly, always trying to compare the offers of other companies. Let’s pay attention to such basic aspects as:

  • up-to-date knowledge – nowadays a very traditional approach to accounting will not work – it is necessary to take into account technological progress and be familiar with the methods of accounting for things closely related to the Internet;
  • flexible and individual approach – the accounting office should flexibly adapt to what our company expects, and in the case of long-term cooperation, not be guided by a rigidly set price list, instead entering into negotiations with us; you can safely expect an individual approach from the office and pay attention to the specificity of the industry in which we operate; because if we run a purely seasonal activity, we cannot also be accounted for during the downtime period, and we certainly should not be collected for it; of course, this is just an example – but it illustrates the approach to be used in the office that we will use;
  • suggestions regarding tax optimization – already at the selection stage, we can ask for preliminary proposals, whether related to tax optimization or defining a detailed plan of how our cooperation should look like;
  • comprehensiveness of services – the company’s needs change along with its growth – so let’s make sure that the accounting office whose services we want to use is able to meet our growing requirements; let’s define our expectations, but let’s not treat them as a maximum, but a minimum – pay attention to what clients the office already cooperates with, detailing how big companies they represent – if they are larger than ours, we can sleep well; We place particular emphasis on the office’s operations on the international market – although we may not plan it yet, after reaching a certain level, each company wants to reach also foreign markets; it is possible that we will also want to;
  • experience and reputation – although in the case of most companies both of these aspects are of great importance, in the case of accounting offices they are even more important; especially when we talk about those focused on serving business clients; If there are negative opinions about the office, or we cannot find any on the Internet, it should be alarming for us and certainly encouraging to further search. Experience is also important – if we do not do it yet, let’s review the list of clients with whom the office has already cooperated. We shouldn’t have a problem with finding it – every office likes to boast about its achievements and business partners.


Regardless of the purpose for which we reach for an accounting office, we should be aware that the competition on the accounting market is huge  . How does this affect us as customers? First of all, we do not have to limit ourselves to one option, and we can choose not who we have at hand, but individual needs. Nothing stands in the way of negotiating the terms of cooperation – especially if we plan to make it something long-lasting.