How to pack gifts? A guide for all occasions

Gifts are a special thing. They are awarded on various occasions and most often they are associated with great emotions and events. Weddings, birthdays, baptisms or holidays are perfect occasions to give gifts to the loved ones and to those to whom we want to show our gratitude. In order to obtain a stunning effect, it is not enough just the gift itself, its packaging is also important, which creates an envelope for the content of the interior, prepares the recipient for the gift and makes it something very special. How to pack giftsto get the best effect? There are many methods for packing a gift, in fact, in this matter we are only limited by our imagination. Depending on a person’s preferences and occasion, gift wrapping can be different. Below are some ways that can become a unique inspiration or a ready-made gift idea.

Gift wrapping – traditional paper


Wrapping gifts in paper is one of the most popular methods of embellishing a gift and hiding its contents. Various types of gift paper can be found in stores. Starting with the most ordinary, but extremely effective gray paper, which gives unlimited possibilities of arrangement, through colored, holographic and even iridescent papers, ending with papers with thematic prints and prints.

Ideally suited for wrapping in paper are evenly shaped gifts that can be easily wrapped in it. All kinds of boxes, books, calendars or other items in the shape of geometric figures will look great with gift paper. If you want to wrap a gift in paper, take a sheet of it and put the object exactly in its center, then bend the edges inward, fixing the corners with double-sided tape. This method gives the most aesthetic effect.

By using gray paper to pack a gift, you can easily diversify it with various types of accessories. If you want to create a rustic packaging, all you have to do is tie the wrapped gift with a jute twine, and then insert gypsophila twigs or attach a few cones. Instead of colorful ribbons, all kinds of lace are perfect in this edition. On the other hand, colored papers will perfectly match the contrasting tapes tied in a large and fancy bow.

Paper box for small items

Many people ask themselves how to pack gifts , such as small jewelry. For this purpose, a small box turns out to be a perfect solution, which you can cut yourself from decorative stiff paper at home, you only need to find a template on the Internet, draw it and it’s ready. In this case, only your imagination is a limitation, because the box can be made of one-color paper or several types can be combined. Such paper boxes are the perfect packaging for jewelry, all kinds of earrings or bracelets. They can be freely decorated with additional elements or bear a card.

Difficult gift

While in the previous two cases, wrapping gifts should not be a problem, the more difficult issue is wrapping the gift on irregular issues. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. A piece of tulle-style fabric or a decorative gift wrap will work for this. Their ease of forming, allows you to create an elegant wrap, which, when tied with a bow or ribbon, certainly looks much more effective than a traditional boring handbag. This method also works for people who have no patience with traditional wrapping of gifts in paper. For an even better effect, you can add a round form cut, for example, from decorative cardboard to the bottom of the package.

Themed packaging

Giving gifts is not an easy art, in order to please a person, you first need to know their preferences and tastes, as well as their needs to be able to get a gift. With this type of knowledge, it can be cleverly used when packing a gift. By making it refer to, for example, the passion of a given person or the event on the occasion of which the gift is given, its packaging itself. When wrapping a promotion gift for a man, instead of traditional paper, you may be tempted, for example, to add a tie on its surface, which will refer to an event in the person’s life. On the other hand, the enthusiast of four wheels will certainly enjoy the gift packed in the shape of a car.

So when answering the question of how to pack gifts, you can do it in many ways, both effortlessly, just by simply inserting them into a gift bag, such as putting your whole heart into it and personalizing the packaging completely. After all, gifting is one of the best pleasures, so it is not worth taking away the pleasure that comes from this activity.