How to use CBD oil?

Medicine is more and more willing to use natural substances contained in marijuana. The healing properties of cannabidiol support the treatment of many diseases. Cannabinoids are the active substances found in many types of cannabis, the most popular of which are THC and CBD. There is an ongoing discussion about the medicinal properties of this plant. While CBD cannabis oil is legal, the public is not very aware of it. It is related to a misunderstanding of what is THC and what is CBD.

How to use CBD oil?What is CBD oil?

cbd depresjaTHC is a psychoactive substance contained in cannabis that causes intoxication, anxiety, paranoid and other psychological distressing reactions. In the case of medicinal marijuana oil with the active substance CBD, there are no such symptoms. Cannabinoid is a chemical compound that has a very active effect on the body, improving its condition. In many cases, it supports treatment as an excellent supplementation. More and more scientific research and medical studies prove the healing properties of cannabis oil and allow its use in treatment. The World Health Organization (WHO) has ruled that CBD oil is safe for the body, and its use does not endanger your health. In Poland, after many discussions , hemp oils were legalizedas a medical supplement.

When can CBD oil be used

The human body naturally has an endocannabinoid system, which is beneficial in relieving pain, is anti-inflammatory and relaxing. If its functioning is disturbed due to diseases , cannabis oil can be used to support its work and operation. For this reason, the cannabinoid concentrate contained in CBD preparations is used in the treatment of many diseases. The anti-inflammatory effect of these substances is used in the treatment of wounds and in the case of serious skin diseases. It works well for relieving the symptoms of arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and even cancer. Its action has also been confirmed as effective in the treatment of anxiety and depression. As you can see, marijuana is used extensively in medicine. The fact that it is a completely safe substance for humans encourages more and more patients to use it. Cannabinoids are not addictive and do not cause side effects, and their action is fully symbiotic with the action of the human natural immune system.

How to use CBD oil?

CBD napary herbatyCannabis oils are broken down into raw extracts and refined oils. In the first case, the extracted substances are enriched with vegetable oil and are no longer processed. This makes them the most natural preparations with varying levels of CBD. In the second case, the natural ingredient is filtered and chlorophyll and wax are removed. Pure oil has a slightly different composition and is devoid of many plant substances associated with the main factor. Both types are used in different patients with different therapeutic requirements. There is no set rule of how much and when to use hemp oils. The selection of the appropriate dose depends on the type of disease, as well as the percentage of CBD in the preparation. Depending on whether the oil is used prophylactically, therapeutically or for relaxation, its use may be different. However, the principle of taking CBD oil is always the same. Drops in a certain dose must go under the tongue. The main reason is the longest possible contact with the mucosa. In this way, the active substance is absorbed into the body very quickly. It penetrates through a thin mucosa and enters the bloodstream directly, from where it quickly reaches everywhere.

When does CBD start to work?

CBD liquidsAfter getting into the bloodstream, the preparation starts working after a few minutes. Unabsorbed by the mucosa, the remains of the oil pass into the stomach and intestines along with saliva when swallowed. This not only acts on the body quickly, but also strengthens the effects. Thanks to this, the concentration of CBD is maintained for up to 6 hours. It is worth remembering to take marijuana oil regularly so as not to disturb its operation. 5% oil administered in the amount of 2 drops in the morning and in the afternoon is a good prophylactic solution. In the case of severe diseases or severe pain symptoms, the level of CBD in the oil can reach up to 40%. Then the preparation should be dosed up to 5 drops twice a day.It is also worth mentioning that hemp oil should contain as little active substance as possible in the initial phase of taking. It is conditioned by the organism’s increasing tolerance to CBD. Slowly increasing the doses will give good healing effects and will also cause a slower habituation process. As with any medicinal supplement, it is worth considering the form of taking it. Cannabis oil is a very easy and effective way to introduce CBD into the body. The preparation is absorbed in a few minutes and easily excreted from the body. Nevertheless, it is also worth paying attention to other forms of CBD consumption. In the case of skin diseases, you can use creams and ointments with cannabinoids that heal wounds and skin inflammations.