Is a house made of sea containers a good idea?

Changing trends in construction and the need to create non-standard solutions are the reasons for the growing popularity of non-standard forms of construction. Are sea containers suitable for creating a residential house? How can steel containers that are no longer useful for shipping goods by sea become a durable, comfortable all-year home? Houses made of sea containers can be a safe, solid place to live, but you should not forget about the proper preparation of containers and the proper connection and insulation of them. Factors influencing the reliability of a container house should not be overlooked in order to be able to enjoy its functionality without having to fix any faults. 

House from a sea container – prepare the basics

A house made of a sea container does not require the creation of foundations when it serves as a commercial point, service point or office headquarters, requiring frequent changes of location. The area for the building should be leveled and compacted. Concrete slabs should be placed on the prepared ground. In the case of embedding a container house on the space of intended for a residential building, it is worth creating a preparation in the form of pouring reinforced concrete at the support points to prevent the effects of soil work as a result of temperature variations. This method of land preparation will prevent the house from being raised with the ground during frost.

Can a sea container house be inhabited all year round?

Container buildings should have perfect insulation, thanks to which they protect against the penetration of cold inside in winter, and stop excessive heat from entering inside in summer. A modern, often used method of ensuring adequate insulation in a container ship is the use of polyurethane plates of appropriate thickness. Pur panels allow to protect the building not only against cold, sunlight and moisture, but also prevent the damaging effects of rodents, insects and free-living animals. To prevent leakage of the roof at the joints, it is imperative to fill them with a sealing substance that creates a tight insulating layer. In addition, it should be secured with a protective membrane attached to it, invisible thanks to the modern method of fixing. 

Installations in the house from a sea container 

Sea containers   – a house with installations? The sewage connection can be made in such a way as to ensure easy transport of the building, while the connection to the electricity is carried out in a standard way. It is worth using modern, ecological methods of producing electricity, e.g. using photovoltaic panels. Installations for a container house should be thermally insulated to prevent freezing in winter. Regular maintenance works outside the building are extremely important for the comfort of living and durability of the structure. A sea container should be dried, cleaned and painted with impregnation to prevent the formation of rust.

Is a house in a sea container a good idea?

Living in a container made of sheet metal, which is connected to used boxes with the ground dimensions of about 12 × 2.5 m, is a bold idea, but more and more popular. Decision to create a container house allows you to move quickly, and the cost of living is much lower than in the case of buildings constructed using traditional methods. Ease of transport (sea containers have transport handles, it is important that they are lifted by a machine with a lifting capacity of more than 7 tons) affects the possibility of moving to a convenient place and using a metal box as a portable office or service and commercial point. Inside, the container does not look like a tin can. The finish, according to your own taste or fashionable trends, ensures an excellent visual effect, and the panels, mounted on the walls, ceiling and floor, ensure perfect evenness of surfaces prepared for the application of finishing materials. Containers can be combined to create buildings of various sizes,

Sea container, home for individualists

Stylish interiors and a delightful effect from the outside make a house made of a shipping container an avant-garde style concept, admired by family and friends. Adjusting the interior to your idea creates many possibilities, which are limited only by the dimensions of the boxes. The great effect of modernity is enhanced by large windows that illuminate the interior and at the same time allow you to contemplate nature. The sea container house is perfect for a quiet area, where it can be an excellent element of contact with nature. The phenomenal effect is related to the equipment. A container house can be finished by yourself, or you can order a turnkey condition from a company that specializes in works related to the creation of container houses. Depending on your own wishes and skills, it is worth choosing a more favorable option.