Is it possible to move an office without chaos and stress?

It cannot be denied that changing the company’s seat is always a huge challenge. How should the removal be carried out to avoid disorganization and stress? The answer is not at all difficult. The point is to plan everything carefully and then to enforce the plan point by point. 

When to start planning? 


The size of the company and its specificity determine how to start planning a company’s move early. In the case of small businesses, a few days in advance should be sufficient. However, when it comes to moving companies from a large corporation, planning should start many months in advance. In the case of entities with really extensive structures, such activities should even be started one year in advance. This is particularly important, for example, in the case of companies with highly developed IT back-up facilities, when apart from moving the office part, we also move the ICT back-up facility along with the server overvoltage. The transfer of the seat of this type of entity is a real logistic operation, the final of which, which means verifying the correct operation of all systems and technologies, should take place approximately 2 weeks before moving the office part. To be sure that the company’s relocation process will not adversely affect the company’s work, the safest option is to consult the company in advance as much as possible and, also with the support of experts, determine the entire work schedule. 

It is really very important to determine to what extent the company’s employees themselves will participate in the entire procedure. Certainly, we are complicated by PIP regulations here. Therefore, it is worth outsourcing the removal of companies to an external company. 

What is the best day to move? 

When setting a date for moving the company from a given seat to a new seat, you should choose the day that will least disturb the entire work schedule. The optimal solution would be to plan everything for a Friday afternoon or Saturday afternoon. Then, moving the company will not affect the work in the company itself, and in turn, employees will be able to start the new week in a new place and also without having to catch up, which could arise if the move was planned for a working day. 

The time has come – company removals

In order for the change of seat to have the smallest impact on the efficiency of work in the new office, it should be carried out in such a way that employees simply come to their new workplace and start working. However, it cannot be achieved without taking care of such details as appropriate segregation and packaging of corporate documentation or describing the exact boxes with office equipment and desk equipment of individual employees.

For this purpose, it is definitely worth using professional packaging or a method of labeling items with colors in advance, as well as a division into sectors of the destination place. Office equipment should be especially taken care of. This will allow us to avoid unnecessary damage, which may generate additional costs and unnecessarily disturb the work in a new place. 

Chaos as well as unnecessary stress, we will avoid drawing up a detailed inventory of all transferred items divided into rooms or departments. Thanks to this, we can easily check whether the new office has a binder with very important documents or an organizer with materials that employees use every day. Such special, small and apparent ones can be noticeably noticeable when picking up a new office and make the team itself, instead of going to work with great enthusiasm, looking for items for several hours without which the employee will not be able to start in the new office. work. It does not matter whether we are talking about a frame with a photo or a briefcase with reports. In the event of a change of office, it is better to avoid any complication. Even the smallest one. 

Alone or maybe with professional support? 

In order to be one hundred percent sure that the change of seat will take place without any complications and negative feelings on the part of your employees, it is worth considering entrusting the relocation to a  professional company . In the case of organizing the entire process, from choosing the right location, through the space arrangement itself, to the relocation of the company from the old to the new headquarters. 

As we can see in the attached picture, moving a company is not an easy task. However, properly planned will really work. What’s more, when we do not feel confident in this type of work, we can try to cooperate with a moving company. Then we have a lot less work ourselves and we can be sure that the whole thing will really go smoothly.