Is it worth buying an apartment from a developer in Białołęka?

Recent years in Białołęka have been a real boom in new investments. The districts closer to Śródmieście are slowly filling up, and only a developer with a large budget can afford to buy the remaining places for development there On the other hand, Warsaw on the outskirts is becoming more and more attractive, mainly due to the significant improvement in communication and plans for its further expansion. This rule also applies to Białołęka, which was considered an unattractive part of the capital a dozen or so years ago due to its considerable distance from the center. Today the situation has changed a bit, but is it so much that it is worth buying a flat there? The answer is not clear cut and it is influenced by several factors.

The price per meter can surprise you

Warsaw developer

If you want to buy a property somewhere in the central part of Warsaw, you have to prepare from 9,000 to even 13,000 PLN per square meter. These are average prices and it often happens that they can be higher. However, on the outskirts such as Białołęka, the average amount is seven and a half thousand per square meter and often drops below. This is a huge saving if we think in terms of the whole, large premises cheaper by 30%. It often happens that people who in Żoliborz could buy at most a studio apartment for renovation, here can go directly to the developer for a new, three-room apartment In this case, Warsaw can surprise you with the high cost of space in the center and the comfort associated with the proximity of many places of work, especially corporations.

Old stereotypes

Unfortunately, in the eyes of native Warsaw residents, Białołęka is perceived in terms of a province and no developer is able to change it with its activities Warsaw – Białołęka was created quite artificially, large tracts of the field were adapted to large slab blocks, which were built very quickly. It was not a space intended for the inhabitants of the capital, but for visitors, who were mainly attracted by the vision of working in the city from poorer rural areas. The image of this district is therefore associated with a certain stereotypical image, but not only the history, but also the continuous development of this zone should be borne in mind. The city is still growing and Białołęka is merging with it more and more.

Everything is created by the developer – Warsaw is new here

Big cities usually have the same thing that in many places they skillfully combine the new with the old. In Białołęka, we will not find tenement houses in decline from the beginning of the 20th century, because at that time there was only a field, a forest, a clean agricultural area and wasteland. Therefore, the atmosphere of the old days does not exist, but does it have to be present everywhere? This district is a great example of the fact that modernity without old additions can also captivate, it is functional, thoughtful and gives a lot of satisfaction to its residents. The modern Northern Gallery and the recently opened Skłodowska-Curie bridge are only two of the many proofs that this part of the Polish capital is doing great.

Białołęka is also close to the nature reserves: Łęga Czarna Struga and Ławica Kępińska. For lovers of walks and cycling trips there is also the Jabłonowskie Forests complex. Each year new housing estates are created around this by new developers. Warsaw gains a great space for living, which is also attractive in terms of price. A flat in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood, with less exhaust fumes and with numerous green areas, are the undoubted advantages of this district.


Not only flats, but also houses

As a bonus, it is worth adding that for the equivalent of about one million zlotys, you can buy an apartment with an area of ​​100 meters in Wola. When moving to Białołęka, you can freely buy a 200-meter house with a garden in this amount. Each of the districts offers slightly different opportunities, so it is worth considering whether moving to the outskirts will be a better step than staying in close contact with the center. This applies even more to families with children, assisted by forests and in peace, in a large house the comfort of living will certainly be slightly higher than in a block of flats.


Currently, Białołęka does not offer much, but its possibilities are still expanding. There are many retail and service outlets on site, there are many local, small shops where you can conveniently shop “in the neighborhood”. These are typical advantages that every developer emphasizes in advertising brochures Warsaw – Białołęka also offers more and more in the education zone, private nurseries and kindergartens are easily accessible here. As a curiosity, it should be noted that the longest water slide in the country has been built here. There are still more and more such attractions, but lovers of museums and large cultural institutions will still have to move a few districts away. In conclusion, the only real disadvantages associated with buying a new apartment in Bemowo In this part of the capital, there is a large distance from the center, and hence the lack of the most desirable jobs and cultural institutions. However, this is not such a large distance, for which it would be worth giving up a full-size house at the price of a flat, which can be easily purchased here from a developer or on the secondary market.