Purchase of cars without documents

Have you ever noticed a car that looks too good to be real, except that it is “paperless”? In most cases, cars that do not have registration papers are best avoided, but there are a few exceptions. You can of course buy a car and register it legally. But 99% of the time these purchases are more of a hassle than the vehicle is worth.

Buying a car imported from another country

Purchase of cars

It may happen that the car does not have a registration certificate because it was imported from Germany and did not have the necessary documents with it. Without them, legal registration and use of such a car in Poland is not possible. Purchase of cars without documents ensures that each vehicle has the necessary set, because without it it is impossible to use the car. Equally important, it is important to ensure that such a set of documents is part of the purchase. Only on the basis of these, you can go to the Department of Communications and submit an application for registration.

In what situations should you be especially careful?

Situations that should arouse your vigilance include bringing the vehicle from another country and not having the original documents. Another, equally important issue is the continuity of contracts between the person who appears as the owner on the registration certificate and the current seller. The most important documents are the registration certificate and the vehicle card. If the car is taken on credit, a document confirming the repayment of the entire liability should be presented.

In the absence of a registration certificate (which, for example, has been lost), a special statement confirming the registration of a given vehicle can be downloaded from the Communication Department. In the event that the car has changed owners many times, and the last one has not re-registered it, it will be necessary to go to the competent office due to the data in the registration certificate.

Purchasing cars without documents is more complicated than in standard situations, due to the need to make sure that the vehicle is not, for example, stolen. If you buy a vehicle without a permit, you will be liable for heavy fines as it is illegal to buy stolen goods. It is the responsibility of the user as the buyer to ensure that the seller is the rightful owner.

What to do with a car without documents?

If there is a car in your parking lot that does not have the right to register and have a registration certificate, there are several ways to use it. The legal offers are:

  • Reselling a vehicle as long as you have a sale and purchase agreement for it. This process will not be easy, because such information should be indicated in the advertisement. Usually, you can expect them to be bought for parts, as long as it’s a really popular model. Selling by parts is certainly less profitable, but it allows you to raise funds instead of having to scrap the car.
  • Further resale in the absence of documents is not possible. However, the situations are sometimes complicated, so it is worth contacting the company that offers car purchases.
  • Scrapping the vehicle seems like a good option. However, if there is no contract continuity between the individual owners, it is your responsibility to report to the Communications Department at the place of registration and request documents that authorize scrapping. This is not always possible, however. In the absence of a registration certificate, it is necessary to obtain a certificate of evidence. The lack of the vehicle card is replaced by a statement that it has been lost.  

In most cases, car purchases want to buy vehicles that are registered in Poland, or at least have the appropriate papers that are the basis for such registration.

Car sales contract

Get everything in writing: be sure to get everything in writing. The contract of sale between the seller and the buyer should also be in writing. Remember to include all the elements of the vehicle you are buying. Such as the final purchase amount, any advance payment, additional equipment, technical condition etc.

Only on the basis of such a contract can claims be made, for example under the warranty. A contract is needed even for a vehicle without documents, which will be transported on a tow truck, for example for scrapping or for parts purchase. Having a contract makes it legal to do so.

Buying a car without documents is a big problem. Usually it cannot be registered, which is related to the inability to travel on Polish roads. In the event that you are the owner of such a car, the best solution is to contact a car purchase, which also buys this type of vehicle. However, it should be remembered that such a vehicle is treated as defective, so you will probably not get a very high amount for it. However, savings can be made, for example, by not having to transport it on a tow truck, which is expensive. It also all depends on what documents are missing and on what basis.