Who is an attorney?

Sometimes we use the services of a lawyer or attorney. Where to find a good lawyer? What does an attorney do? If we have to deal with a given matter and we are looking for such a person, it is worth looking at the opinion on various websites, asking among friends to take someone on recommendation. Then we will be sure that we have made the right choice.


Who is an attorney?


Well, many people wonder who is an attorney ? It can be said that this is a person who graduated in law and passed the state examination. Of course, becoming a lawyer or attorney is not that easy. Experience is needed to be able to do this job well. That is why many young lawyers, after graduation, find employment in law firms, where they undergo so-called internships and gain experience. Attorney has a very wide range of powers from all lawyers. Therefore, he can participate in any case in courts of any instance. It is not enough to finish your studies and obtain a master’s degree in law. Here the road is much more difficult. Lawyer in fact, it has a very important task. He must be responsible for the welfare of the client who turns to him for help. Learning this profession is not only about acquiring knowledge. Skills and experience also count. You also have to be a self-controlled, balanced man who defends his own affairs with conviction. 

Lawyer and legal advisor?


Lawyer and legal adviser, are there any differences? A legal adviser is, in other words, a lawyer who has completed the apprenticeship and has been entered on the list of legal advisers maintained by the District Chamber of Legal Advisers. Attorneys at law may appear in court. His task is to represent his clients in all matters except criminal cases.


Lawyer and attorney does it make a difference? A lawyer is a person who has completed a university degree in law, obtained a master’s degree in law. He can also advise people. A person who finishes his studies may go on to an attorney’s apprenticeship and then obtains the right to practice as a lawyer, legal advisor, bailiff and public prosecutor. The professions of counselor, lawyer and advocate are very similar. They only differ in the scope of competences that play a large role in the courts. If you want to go to an attorney, it is worth checking what the cost of advice will be, because it depends on the type of case.

How do I find a good lawyer?

Many of us are unfamiliar with the laws and procedures of the law. Sometimes we are dependent on other people’s decisions. It is worth using the services of people who have experience and appropriate knowledge. If we have problems with the law or need legal assistance, it is worth contacting an experienced lawyer . We have many lawyers on the market who specialize in many areas. When looking for a specialist, we must take this into account. A lawyer should be guided by certain qualities. What qualities should a good lawyer possess? First of all, he must be involved in the case. He must have the right approach to the client. He should explain to the client what the problem is, how he will handle the case and what the end result may be. Lawyer it should be factual but also honest. He should also show empathy. This is very important as it can attract customers. When choosing an attorney, it is worth paying attention to the price they will offer us for their service. If we only need legal advice, the price will be low, but when it comes to an important and complicated matter, we must expect a fairly high price.


It is known that there are no perfect people, but it is worth finding an attorney like this who will give us time and with whom we will get along. We can search internet forums, social media, ask friends. First of all, let’s make an appointment with an attorney. Let us present our case to him and we will assess whether it is worth using his services or looking further. We will already have some insight. The first impression is also very important. After all, he is a man to whom we entrust our affairs. Our lawyer is a person we should trust. It is our right hand, because it knows the rules and represents us. It is important to agree a fee with the attorney when signing the contract. Let us search carefully and talk to people. Perhaps on our recommendation it will be easier to find a lawyer .


How much does an attorney’s service cost?

Unfortunately, the help of a specialist costs money and sometimes it is not enough. In many situations, the help of a lawyer is invaluable, but also expensive. There is no one single pricing for legal advice. The price is influenced by several important factors. It depends on the complexity of the case. If it is more complex, the price will be higher. It also depends what area of ​​law the case concerns. The costs will be different in criminal cases than in civil cases. The price list of services also depends on the location. In larger cities, advice may cost more. The advocate’s reputation and experience are also of great importance. Are there free advice? This is the advice we have in our country. They can be used by pregnant women, combatants and veterans, people over 65 and those under 26 years of age. People who who benefit from social welfare and those who have a large family card. Other people, if they want to seek advice, unfortunately have to seek help in private law firms.