Wooden houses – the best residential investment

In the 21st century, there is no better residential investment than wooden houses . We live today in an age where everyone, if they can, flees from crowded cities to the countryside. What is associated with a city crowded with people and additionally filled with smog? With cramped space, lack of my own space for development, loss of privacy. Living in a tight block of flats, as it used to be an indicator of a good social and material situation, is now treated as a “necessary evil”. Lots of people from different age groups said it was time to end it . Why take a loan of several thousand for a cramped flat in a block of flats, when you can spend this money on building a quite neat and functional wooden house? Life in a spacious house in a quiet area has a completely different rhythm than in the case of forced nesting of several members of one family on several dozen square meters with tiny kitchens and bathrooms. Since this can be avoided, there is no need to think about creating a wooden house that will last for generations.

What to build a wooden house for?

Compared to the investment of building a house from scratch, wooden housesfall out much cheaper. This probably explains their phenomenon and the high demand for this type of housing. People who are getting younger and younger want to enter a mature life with their own place, where it will always be possible to come back and simply live a decent life. Funds for the construction of a wooden house can be obtained in at least several ways. The first way is probably known to all of us. Simply, after each payment, we put a certain amount on a separate account, only to notice after a few years of savings that there is so much of it that the construction of the house can finally start at full speed. Many young couples have done so, and they are definitely satisfied, especially when a building plot was donated by their parents or in-laws. It is always an investment reduced by additional cost,

Funds for a wooden house

They can also be obtained from various institutions that provide financial support to all kinds of investor builders. Thanks to the appropriate documentation and certificates of earnings, you can count on quite large subsidies, covering up to 30% of the entire cost of the planned construction. By browsing the offers of construction companies offering wooden housesof its own construction, it can be concluded that the prices in the market really vary. The most modest wooden house can be built for about 30,000 zlotys. It can accommodate two rooms with a naturally attached kitchen and bathroom. This type of house does not use the basement. Many singles, as well as lonely people, who value their own independence and avoid large residential agglomerations, choose this type of housing. For them, living in a block of flats would be an unbearable ordeal, and in a small house for their own use they find everything they need to live. First of all – peace.

Single-family wooden houses

This is a much more extensive and costly investment. A house for a family with several children brings with it the creation of a much larger space for living than in the case of a single. Everyone wants to have their own spacious room, and yet somewhere else you have to receive guests . The increased standard of this type of wooden residential house generates costs. Modern wooden housesintended for living by a family with children, you can buy it for about PLN 80,000. This is the price of a tiny studio apartment in a medium-sized city. The cottage may be two-story. At the bottom, there may be rooms such as a guest room, spacious kitchen, bathroom. After a walk up the stairs leading to the first floor, you can see smaller rooms for all family members. There can be several rooms on the first floor – from three to five. They can be of different sizes. If there is such a need – an attic can be created in the attic of a wooden house. 

A wooden twin? It is possible too!

We have also met many times with questions whether it is possible to create a wooden twin on a special order. Yes of course. Companies erecting wooden houseson request, they can also go this way. It is a great solution for close acquaintances, friends who would like to live close together, but without having to share a common space. A wooden semi-detached house is nothing more than a residential building, containing two separate houses, arranged symmetrically with respect to each other. In practice, half of the house may belong to one resident or family, and the other half to another. The yard next to such a house can be easily divided with a wooden or metal fence. In this way, we are together, but still separate, and no one unwittingly enters his private space. We will pay quite a lot for a wooden twin, because the prices range from 150 to 200 thousand zlotys.